Vsan: 12 (Cannot allocate memory) /Failed to create swap file

Good Morning All,

I ran into this again for like the 3rd time and figured I would put this here for my notes, maybe someone will find it helpful. Every now and again my little metro cluster (vSan 5.5.0) gets a little bit squirrely on me, and wont let me power on VM’s take snap shots etc, etc … So the symptoms are as follows:

– Altering any VM in any way through the “Edit Settings” window returns an error similar to  “12: cannot allocate memory” I believe it was this

An error occurred while taking a snapshot: 12 (Cannot allocate memory).
An unknown error has occurred.


– Attempting to power on any vm you attempted to edit returns


The fix is actually fairly simple… I went through my clomd.log (/var/log/clomd.log) on the esx hosts and something happened to the clomd service (saw some backtraces and what not) .. Not sure if it just because unstable from my habbit of constantly playing with it or it just became stale… At any rate

The solution:

Log into each host inside the cluster and issue the following command (ONE AT A TIME! AND GIVE IT SOME TIME BEFORE STARTING THE NEXT ONE!):

[john.deconti.somelaptop] ➤ ssh root@esxihost01.vsan.com
X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0
The time and date of this login have been sent to the system logs.

VMware offers supported, powerful system administration tools.  Please
see www.vmware.com/go/sysadmintools for details.

The ESXi Shell can be disabled by an administrative user. See the
vSphere Security documentation for more information.
~ # /etc/init.d/clomd restart
watchdog-clomd: Terminating watchdog process with PID 34656391
Waiting for process to terminate...
clomd stopped
clomd started
~ #


Now go attempt to edit whatever it is you were editing and you should be good.


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