Upgrading ManageIQ from Botvinnik to latest release

Good Morning Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve last written but this process is one that I feel needs to be well documented. As a disclaimer ManageIQ’s upgrade process is terrible as it is not possible nor is it supported to do an in place upgrade. One more note, There is currently a bug preventing reports (Manage IQ Fine-3 specifically) from being exported; information on that bug can be found here : https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1471014. On to the show.

1. Login to your old appliance. In my case its Botvinnik but theoretically it could be any release.

2. Do a database dump (Make sure you have the appropriate space first).


pg_dump --format custom --file ~/db_backup.cpgd vmdb_production

3. Download, install, configure your new appliance http://manageiq.org/download/


##########From this point forward you are working ONLY ON THE NEW APPLIANCE#############



4. On the New appliance (fine-3 in my case) stop the evmserver service

systemctl stop evmserverd

5. Drop the current DB that came on the new appliance

dropdb vmdb_production


#NOTE: Make sure you have enough space for this following part. You will likely need to increase the disk size somewhere on your machine to store the database backup in step 2.

6.  SCP the files from the new old machine to the new machine

scp root@$OLDAPPLIANCEIPaddress:~/db_backup.cpgd ~/
scp root@OLDAPPLIANCEIPaddress:/var/www/miq/vmdb/GUID /var/www/miq/vmdb/

7. Create a new DB on the New Appliance

createdb vmdb_production

8. Restore your database that you copied over

pg_restore --dbname=vmdb_production ~/db_backup.cpgd

9. On your new appliance move to the vmdb directory by simply typing “vmdb”

10. Run the following commands in order

rake db:migrate

bin/rails r tools/purge_duplicate_rubyrep_triggers.rb

systemctl start evmserverd


11. At this point I ran into an error regarding some v2_key issue. To get around this do the following

Select the option to Generate Custom Encryption Key (12).
Follow the prompts to fetch the key from the Old Appliance (2)
Follow the prompts for VMDB location. (/var/www/miq/vmdb/certs/v2_key)
Use the same Region number as the Old VMDB Appliance.


12.  One more rake  to run

rake evm:automate:reset


13. Start the evm service if it didn’t work in step 10 (give the appliance 5 minutes or so to get going)

systemctl start evmserverd


After this you should have all of your data from your old production MIQ appliance on your new shiny upgraded appliance.

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