Cups admin page “403 Forbidden”

I ran into a group recently who needed (wanted) to administer cups from a graphical page in lieu of using the good ol’ trusty command line… Personally I don’t care for admin pages when it takes me a total of 3 commands and 30 seconds to fix pretty much any cups issue, But the end users are my customers so I obliged.. After speaking with my networks team and getting the appropriate firewall rules in place (port 631 TCP)  I noticed that when I went to the page all I got was a “403 Forbidden” error.. What I did fix the issue is as follows (probably 2 minutes worth of work):

1.  Edit the cupsd.conf located in /etc/cups/ (you will likely need to add sudo on that command if you are not root)


[john@localhost ~] $ vi /etc/cups/cupsd.conf


2. Locate the section that contains <Location /admin> as well as <Location /admin/conf>


3. Underneath each section add ” Allow all ” so that it looks like this:


4. Write and quit the file ( Esc + :wq + enter if you didn’t know)

5. Use the cupsctl command to enable remote administration (command below)

[john@localhost cups]# cupsctl --remote-admin


6. Restart cups (NOTE: If you are on Centos 7 + or any RHEL derivative its in your best interest to get used to using the systemctl command “systemctl restart cups”)

[john@localhost cups]# service cups restart
Stopping cups:                                             [  OK  ]
Starting cups:                                             [  OK  ]

7. Go check to see if you can get to the page http://machinename:631 . It is in your best interest to fully qualify the machine name as well depending on how your company has things setup. The end result should be you end up on a page that looks like this:


That is all, you are done!

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