Updating ManageIQ to the latest code release

Hello, This is fairly simple and documented on various sites. I am putting this up so I don’t have to search for it again. Essentially I have fine-3 and I want to make sure I have the latest updates for the application as I am currently stuck with a bug. So here is how you […]

Partition-less root file system Centos 7

I have been on the quest over the last 6 months to create a completely scalable Centos VM template for deployments.. This is not only to save my precious after hours and weekend time but to provide better uptime to my customers… Today I have finally accomplished this and would like to share how you […]

The nightmare that is DBD::ORACLE on RHEL 5

Today I ran into a nagios machine that needed to check database stuff internally (connected users, corrupt blocks etc etc).. My perl scripts kept popping up errors about this oracle DBD.pm…. I have dealt with this in the past and I remember it being a nightmare…. I know there is some perl junky out there […]

Centos 7 guest customization on vmware doesn’t work

Ran into this this morning… I was making a Centos 7 vmware template for an upcoming project that is dependent on this OS.. So I got everything up and running beautifully on the OS and converted it over to a template.. When I tried to enter in the new IP and hostname through the guest […]