Automatic Password generator to work with Ansible

I recently had an Idea to change all of my root passwords across my entire environment using Ansible. Ansible made this pretty straight forward however what they did STILL required human interaction… Which I didn’t really want.. I wanted to make a cron job that would run this every X amount of months that would […]

Ansible playbook to add users to sudoers

I made this playbook for a customer of mine over in Europe that has a relatively large environment and a high turnover rate… The developers that keep coming on need sudoers rights for somewhere around 50 machines… It becomes tiring to have to set all these up on each of these servers…. So I made […]

Wildfly full installation script

Now this script is not mine by any means and I will link the authors site at the bottom. This script was VERY well written and is pretty easy to understand… Just a note on this one though make sure you have the JDK (I had to install 6) on the machine, openjdk seems to […]

Easy way for persistant reverse ssh tunnels

Our network here is complex (as most corporate networks likely are)… I was presented with a challenge of setting up a remote centreon poller off of our network for end to end mail checks.. So obviously I had to make sure the central poller for our centreon environment could reach out to a specific IP […]