Sudo command bypassing proxy settings in environment

I’ve been struggling with some developers recently who keep claiming a firewall issue was occurring when they were trying to reach out to the internet. Like most corporate environments everything is required to proxy out to the internet.. They kept sending me screen shot after screen shot of them trying to wget a repo out […]

Upgrading ManageIQ from Botvinnik to latest release

Good Morning Everyone, It’s been a while since I’ve last written but this process is one that I feel needs to be well documented. As a disclaimer ManageIQ’s upgrade process is terrible as it is not possible nor is it supported to do an in place upgrade. One more note, There is currently a bug […]

Automatic Password generator to work with Ansible

I recently had an Idea to change all of my root passwords across my entire environment using Ansible. Ansible made this pretty straight forward however what they did STILL required human interaction… Which I didn’t really want.. I wanted to make a cron job that would run this every X amount of months that would […]

Partition-less root file system Centos 7

I have been on the quest over the last 6 months to create a completely scalable Centos VM template for deployments.. This is not only to save my precious after hours and weekend time but to provide better uptime to my customers… Today I have finally accomplished this and would like to share how you […]

ManageIQ – LDAP authentication

Today I was tasked with making my ManageIQ instance available for all of our AD users provided they were in a group… I saw no clear documentation on how this was done (much to my dismay). The problem for us was, although you can go to Configure->Configuration->Server->Authentication¬† and then click on the Mode drop down […]

Cups admin page “403 Forbidden”

I ran into a group recently who needed (wanted) to administer cups from a graphical page in lieu of using the good ol’ trusty command line… Personally I don’t care for admin pages when it takes me a total of 3 commands and 30 seconds to fix pretty much any cups issue, But the end […]

Manage IQ – Setup/ Issues encountered

A colleague of mine recently introduced me to the open source version of RHEL’s CloudForm, – Manage IQ .. While I wasn’t sure what exactly I could use it for at first (the idea just sounded cool) I got this thing setup and within 2 hours was giving a pitch to the management team on […]