ManageIQ – LDAP authentication

Today I was tasked with making my ManageIQ instance available for all of our AD users provided they were in a group… I saw no clear documentation on how this was done (much to my dismay). The problem for us was, although you can go to Configure->Configuration->Server->Authentication¬† and then click on the Mode drop down […]

Cups admin page “403 Forbidden”

I ran into a group recently who needed (wanted) to administer cups from a graphical page in lieu of using the good ol’ trusty command line… Personally I don’t care for admin pages when it takes me a total of 3 commands and 30 seconds to fix pretty much any cups issue, But the end […]

The nightmare that is DBD::ORACLE on RHEL 5

Today I ran into a nagios machine that needed to check database stuff internally (connected users, corrupt blocks etc etc).. My perl scripts kept popping up errors about this oracle…. I have dealt with this in the past and I remember it being a nightmare…. I know there is some perl junky out there […]

Centos 7 guest customization on vmware doesn’t work

Ran into this this morning… I was making a Centos 7 vmware template for an upcoming project that is dependent on this OS.. So I got everything up and running beautifully on the OS and converted it over to a template.. When I tried to enter in the new IP and hostname through the guest […]

Manage IQ – Setup/ Issues encountered

A colleague of mine recently introduced me to the open source version of RHEL’s CloudForm, – Manage IQ .. While I wasn’t sure what exactly I could use it for at first (the idea just sounded cool) I got this thing setup and within 2 hours was giving a pitch to the management team on […]

CUPS: Seemingly random printers showing up

Yesterday I was handed an issue where a server was displaying seemingly random printers when you issued the lpstat -t command. Now not that this issue is hard to figure out but I like to think of cups as a set it and forget it type of service… Only touching it when you run into […]