Ansible basic usage and common issues encountered

I figured since the Ansible roles post got so many views that I would write for those who are just getting into this product. I wanted to go over some basic commands and some error messages that I encountered while learning how this software worked, And hopefully help you over come any issues. Again if […]

Nagios script to check traffic on switches/routers

Hi all, I was just given a task to find a good way to monitor traffic on a specific port for a select few cisco switches.. I tried a few of the other ones that floated around out there on the interwebz but, either their perf data was funky or they just didn’t work with […]

Installing Ms Core fonts on Centos

Really random request came in earlier. An application team requested arial fonts for two linux application servers… Odd but I would probably say they were using it to print some sort of labels or something… Any way after some googling I found this package which seemed to give the app guys what they needed.. Download […]

Vmware host issues- inaccessible Vms stuck in DRS loop

Figured this was worth a mention as I found myself working(along with my team) until the wee hours of the morning resolving this issue yesterday… We came into an issue where a production blade went into a state of limbo. The cli was down (~ # esxcli network firewall get Connect to localhost failed: Connection failure) […]

Ansible roles explained in practice

An Ansible role is basically a broken apart playbook. It takes the sections of the playbook and breaks them into several different files. This is useful for a few reasons… The first is you can use shorthand to map to files in your playbook in lieu of writing a static path each time i.e. copy: […]

Ansible playbook to add users to sudoers

I made this playbook for a customer of mine over in Europe that has a relatively large environment and a high turnover rate… The developers that keep coming on need sudoers rights for somewhere around 50 machines… It becomes tiring to have to set all these up on each of these servers…. So I made […]